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Building a Lead Mentorship Program

Technology companies struggle to develop people leaders internally because career development often focuses on the technology ladder and not the qualifications required to manage teams. A Lead Mentorship Program (LMP) helps prospective leaders learn and develop their management skills in an applied, low risk environment.

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Engineering Brag Documents

Neither you nor your direct reports can possibly remember everything they have accomplished. A Brag Document encourages capturing notable events and contributions, and provides focus for conversations throughout the year.

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If They're Bored, It's Too Late

While it's true bored engineers quit, by this stage it's usually too late for an Engineering Manager to stop people from leaving.

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Building an Effective One-on-one Strategy

Quality one-on-ones only have a few key requirements, but managers must adopt and practice them with discipline and consistency.

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Four Qualities of Good Engineering Managers

Successful engineering management is about maximizing the effectiveness of the people you manage. Here's an introduction to four focus areas that will direct your efforts.

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